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So, you're thinking about running for office

Wondering what that looks like?

This FREE timeline can help sketch out the main points for you.

campaign timeline tablet

Download this FREE timeline and learn:

  • The 12 things you should be focused on each month leading up to election day.
  • Simplified direction designed to keep pushing you forward toward taking continuous action for your campaign.
  • Stop guessing what you should be doing month by month, this timeline lays it out for you.

Want more than just a timeline?


Get the full Campaign Planning Calendar.

This 75+ page Planner walks you through month by month...we didn't leave anything out.  

The planner is simple and easy to follow and the worksheets, if you fill them out, will leave you with a plan your opponent only wished they had.  

It can be yours for only $47. Think about it...that's cheaper than a one-hour consulting call.  

Still not convinced having a month by month planner is worth it?  

Let me ask you?  

Do you know what you should be focused on during election day? How about after election day?  

This planner covers that too. 

12-month campaign planning worksheets
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