Campaign Strategy

Campaign strategy coaching

You've decided you're running for office -congrats- but now you're stuck wondering where do you go from here. 

Or maybe you're well on your way in your campaign but you've hit a roadblock and are just not sure where to go next. 

No matter what snags you've hit, there's a strategy for moving past the struggle and getting your campaign back on track. 


So let's talk details

Here's a picture of where we are going: 

After our coaching session you will have clarity about where your campaign is going and the exact steps you need to take to move forward. You will no longer be guessing but have a list of action items to follow to get back on track. You will no longer be stressing and feeling like you have no grounding and you'll be making confident decisions. 

Here's how we'll get there: 

  • You'll receive comprehensive questionnaires to help me understand your race and where you're at with your campaign. 
  • After receiving your questionnaires we will book one 30-minute recorded discovery call to further my understanding of where you're at and clarify any lingering questions from your questionnaires. 
  • Within one week we will schedule one 60-minute recorded Google hangout session to lay out a the strategic game plan and answer any questions from you. 
  • I will deliver the recordings and action-step checklist within 72 hours.
  • From that time my inbox will be open for 1 week to answer any additional questions.

  • (Optional) Within 30 days schedule a 30-minute followup Q&A to get additional feedback and support. 

Or if you want a visual representation: 


Campaign Strategy Coaching


This coaching is for you if...

You're tired of being stuck and you're ready to take action. 

To get the most out of the this strategy coaching you will need to come prepared, be willing to work and complete every action step.