Welcome to Simplified Campaigns, I am so glad you are here!

If you’re here because you have made the decision to run for office – congratulations, thank you for stepping out and engaging in public service!

(If you haven't decided yet if you're running that's okay -here's a blog post that might help)

It doesn't matter if you are running for the first time or the sixth, the world of campaigns shifts every cycle

Gone are the days where the traditional sign wars and letters to the editors lead to a fully effective campaign. You must now bridge the gap between the old and new, embracing websites and social media while still utilizing traditional methods -you must be strategic and meet your constituents where they're at.

But I know that is easier said than done and you might be thinking you can't pull off a strategic campaign without dumping thousands of dollars into consultant fees.

But that’s where Simplified Campaigns comes in. 

This site exists to help break down the fundamentals of running an effective campaign. I spend the time to identify emerging trends so you don't have to.

Now don't mistake simple for easy, sharing your message effectively is going to take work, a lot of hard work

Simplified Campaigns is a community that is about giving you the tools so you can build a campaign strategy that helps you share your message in the most effective and cost efficient way possible. And it is my hope that if you win, you can continue utilizing some of the same skills and tools you learned here to continue contact with your constituents and advance your key initiatives.

Please take time to explore the blog and keep an eye out for opportunities to have worksheets, infographics, videos and more delivered to your inbox!

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I’m Rebekah and I want to again say how happy I am that you are here!

As I mentioned on the home page, I am a firm believer that the political process is better when more people decide to engage in the process and throw their names in the hat as candidates. This site serves to equip those who are running for office with the tools to effectively share their message with voters.

I’m anxious to share the knowledge and expertise I’ve gathered over the last decade working on both sides of campaigns. I’ve worked several high profile, statewide campaigns -one where we successfully took the candidate from 4% name recognition to winning by the largest margin in state history of gubernatorial races (that was the current Governor of Wyoming, Governor Matt Mead's first campaign). We did that by understanding the candidate’s position in the race, identifying likely voters (through lots of data analysis), and turning out those likely voters. You could say we designed a very strategic and smart campaign.

While I’ve spent the last five years working full time on the other side of campaigns, I’ve found advancing public policy isn’t much different. There is still as much strategy in pushing initiative campaigns as there is in winning an election. My passion and strongest skill set is strategic messaging through community outreach and I’m excited to share my knowledge with you here at Simplified Campaigns.

I hope you take time to explore and feel free to contact me at any time – I would love to hear from you!